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Photo by Hannah Thompson

Photo by Hannah Thompson


Our approach

Choosing a wedding planner is different than selecting other vendors. We communicate with our couples on a weekly, sometimes daily basis for months on end and often we're involved with personal aspects of their life, so we think it's important to offer personalized service.

At Lovely, we build partnerships with our clients and prioritize open communication, starting with your quote. 

Every wedding is unique!

No wedding is ever the same and every couple has varying needs and capabilities. We don't believe in boxing couple's into packages. 

We offer a selection of services and support as a starting point, but ultimately work with you to build a custom proposal tailored to your needs. 


Start the conversation by selecting one of the following services: 

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Photo by Hannah Thompson

Photo by Hannah Thompson




Custom proposal


Once you know what kind of service you are interested in, work with us!  

Schedule a call or meet us for a coffee.

We'll take the opportunity for a quick chat, so we can learn about your specific needs. We'll then be best able to develop a proposal that suits you and your budget.








We'd love to hear from you! Reach us any time: 

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We look forward to sharing our love for creating unforgettable moments and hope to plan your next Lovely event!

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