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Kristen Carro is simple, elegant, beautiful, well spoken and extremely pleasant! This woman is fully committed to your event, your wedding. The thing that makes her happy is seeing her clients happy.
— - Cynthia, Married Winter, 2016
I don’t care if you are the most organized person in the world or your venue handles multiple weddings a weekend - hire Kristen!!

Hiring Kristen was hands down the best wedding decision we made. Kristen was so organized and was always two steps ahead of me whether it be related to the weather, handling the gifts, or making sure senior guests were taken care of.
— Claire, Married Summer 2017
Out of the many decisions we had to make during the wedding, hiring Kristen was surely one of our best. With our wedding already planned, we were looking for someone to make sure that everything went smoothly on the day. Looking back, we know how valuable it was to have her there. She put us at ease on the day—-having witnessed her swift and precise coordination of our vendors throughout the month. She knew every detail of what we wanted, our schedules, photo lists, seating charts, props etc. She is sweet and fierce, open and experienced, the perfect wedding day ally to have on your side. We are truly thankful to her.
— Eugenia, Married Summer 2017
Kristen is the best! She helped make my wedding everything I could have hoped for. Detail-oriented, responsive 24/7, proactive, and excellent communication. She handled every hiccup from pre-planning throughout the day of, and never missed a beat. She is cordial, professional, and lovely to work with as a Bride and a vendor. I could not have been the stress-free bride that I was without her! Thank you Kristen!!!! xoxoxo
— Talia, Married Fall 2016

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Kristen is phenomenal. She is a wedding goddess and truly the greatest asset you could ever expect to help you plan the greatest day of your life.

Initially, I was vehemently opposed to hiring a wedding planner- I thought it was a waste of money, our previous experiences withwedding planners had been disastrous, and I’ve planned events for hundreds of people before without any hired help. But Kristen made our lives, and the entire planning process, infinitely easier.

She navigated between my and my husband’s more casual/earthy preferences and my mom’s more formal requests. I think I would have lost my mind if she wasn’t around to help. In the end, our rustic-elegant wedding was lightyears beyond perfect.

Our family and friends are still raving about what a beautiful, happy wedding it was. Kristen saved us monstrous amounts of research time and money with her knowledge and creativity. She knew where it was worth it to spend or to DIY without driving ourselves nuts. When I pulled a couple photos to give her a glimpse of our wedding vision, she immediately turned around with a Pinterest board of photos that was spot-on. And that made everything easier, especially with the florist (FYI for those of you who don’t know flowers, she is a flower genius). She helped find gifts to give out to all the women (my wedding was on Mother’s Day), printed/folded our programs, created a flip-flop basket, handled all the signage, and put together a “Bucket List” for our guests to sign. She was able to take care of all the small details that helped make the wedding feel that much more personal.

She’s also incredibly organized. She handled the hordes of vendors and payments, called and compared pricing, and sent us off with lists of things we wanted to take care of to keep us organized and ahead of schedule. Tell her anything once, and you can trust she’ll take care of it.

And I can’t tell you how many vendors I encountered that made me feel like my wedding was just another gig. Which is understandable, from their perspective. But Kristen actually cares, and helped me get so excited about the wedding. She knows that this is likely one of the most important days of your life, and will treat it as such. She responds as soon as she can (sometimes immediately, if she’s available), and will even be there to give you the biggest hug and pep talk if you get overwhelmed (it may have happened). I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes.

Most importantly, she is just the warmest, most wonderful person you’ll ever meet. You can’t not love her. She’s the person you’ll enjoy talking to and spending time with. She’s just a million percent pure joy. If you’re even considering hiring a wedding planner, she’s the best choice out there.
— Alyssa, Married Spring 2017

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