We are always looking to partner and work with talented people in our industry! 

At Lovely, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our service. Our clients are our priority and we cherish building strong relationships with each of them. We champion attentiveness, communication and above all trust with our clientele, and do the same for our employees. 

At Lovely, our Employees are:


Hands-on self-starters who can work in small teams with minimal support
Industrious, innovative thinkers who are comfortable managing all aspects of social and corporate events and can take initiative
Passionate about event planning and customer service  
Committed to creating best-in-class work on each and every project 
 Friendly and well-spoken, with the ability to manage and communicate effectively under pressure
Exceptional organizers  and detail-oriented, capable of staying one step ahead of our client’s needs
Capable of exercising good judgment and aim obtain the full confidence of everyone they work with 

We're Hiring! 


Freelance On-Site Event Coordinator